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We offer training courses that help Businesses and Entrepreneurs scale their businesses with Technology Tools. The topics covered include courses for Start-up businesses like How to form a corporation, The advantages and disadvantages of each Business Structure, and how to scale your business by Building Business Credit like an Expert.

We also offer group training on Business software, and one on one training courses to help provide Expert Level knowledge on Business Strategies and software Training that is laser focus on a specific area to quickly will increase your skill set.


The Founder Aiesha Graves has over 30 years of experience working in Global Firms with offices in over 52 countries worldwide. In the various roles, she provided strategic business support and training to C-Level Executives and Support Staff in World-Renowned companies generating over 3 Billion in Revenue annually. She brings the knowledge gained over the years to help her clients reach their business goals and provided expert-level expertise on how small businesses can operate like Big businesses. Aiesha is committed to providing Top Notch education at an affordable rate so that Business Owners gain knowledge that will help them build and scale strong businesses. 

On-Demand Training Courses


The On-Demand Courses are pre-recorded online video Training classes, designed for students that are independent and prefer the self-study method of learning.

Group Training


- These training courses are live and online. 

- The classes are small,

5 - 15 students max, 

so that students can ask questions.

- These courses are designed for students with Beginner's Level knowledge or students with medium-level knowledge in the subject matter.  

- Training session run 1 - 3 days maximum, and last

30 minutes - 1 hour per session.

One on One Training


These training courses are one on one sessions designed to provide Expert Level expertise in the subject matter. 

E-book Courses

Corporate Structuring


Where to begin?

In this course, students learn ...


About each Business Structure available in the United States.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of each Structure.


Discover which Structure is best for your Small Business.


Learn why Sole Proprietorships are the worst Business Structure and the risks associated with your family and personal assets if you have a sole proprietorship.


How to Create Professional E-books


The simplest way to create professional E-books and offer them as a digital product to your customers to generate an extra $1500 - $3000 per month passive income stream for your Business.

Ascending the Corporate Credit Ladder Properly, without your personal credit.


Students learn the three tiers of Business Credit.


How to properly Leverage Business Credit to Scale your business?


Which Business Classifications are considered the riskiest to lenders, therefore making it harder to secure funding. 


How to secure up to $150K or more in Business Credit within the next 6 - 9 months while generating income in your business.  

An investment in education always pays the highest returns.

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